Friday, May 4, 2007

Junket to Rasuwa .......

By Ujjwal Acharya
My first reaction to a big slope and the U-turn of the gravel road was to look at the driver.
“Is he experienced enough to take us safely?”
I asked myself.
He was smiling amusingly thus I concluded unless the man is eccentric, he would take us safely.
His one mistake was enough for our deaths deep down the slope where I could see the lining of the river.

At evening, we were at Syaphrubenshi (or Syaphru or Syafru or Syabru). It was the gateway for the trekkers treking to Langtang region. After receiving the traditional welcome from the Tamang girls (they give you a palmful of drink – mostly alcohol but here it was Coca Cola, and put a shawl around your neck), I went to the guys who were busy telling us the hotels.

“I need one with TV and cable,” I demanded.
He said, “Shree Ganesh.”
Other journalists went to other hotel designated for media while I started looking for mine. “Shree Ganesh?” A guy asked.
“Yes.” He called me in and it turned out the hotel was without signboard and not very good.
“TV?”“Yes. 21-inch color at the eating place.”
“Foreign channels?”“Yes.”
Aha! That was a relief and through I felt like the passage of the hotel a little narrow, rooms smaller and the eating place with 21-inch color TV smelling alcohol, I was happy. ( ...more)

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